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The 1st World Congress on Gender - Specific Medicine

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Friday, March 09, 2007


14:30–16:30         Satellite Symposium (Part 1)

                Gender Difference in Dermatology

    Sponsored by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
Chairpersons:        S. Brenner, Israel

    L.E. Millikan, USA


                            Adam & Eve: Gender differences in Dermatology

    S. Brenner, Israel

                            Contact Dermatitis:  What’s New (Gender Speaking, That Is)

    J. Lipocenzic, Croatia

                            What Is Cosmetic Dermatology Good For?

    U. Wollina, Germany

                            Ageing- Cosmesis, Cancer-Hormones, and the Fountain of Youth
    L.E. Millikan, USA

16:30-16:50          Exhibition Area Visit

17:30–19:30         Satellite Symposium (continued)

                Gender Difference in Dermatology

    Sponsored by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology

                            Sex Hormones and the Genesis of Autoimmunity

    L. Ackerman, USA

                            Necessity and Dangers of Sexual Education - Gender and Syphilis in
                            the Early 20th Century

    M. Geiges, Switzerland

                            Gender Differences and HIV Infection

    L. Burruano, Germany


                            S. Brenner, Israel


Saturday, March 10, 2007


8:00-10:00      Oral Presentation

Gender Issues In General Medicine
Chairpersons:    S. Lello, Italy
H. Valensise, Italy

8:00-8:17          Gender in Family Medicine

N. Ben-Zvi, Israel

8:17-8:34         Gender differences in knee and back pains

K. Yoshida, Japan

8:34-8:51          Gender and Hearing aids: Use and determinants of non-regular use

K. Staehelin, Switzerland

8:51-9:08          Gender differences in the smoking behavior of Austrians: Do prevention campaigns and laws reduce gender differences?

A. Bader, Austria

9:08-9:25          Lung Maturation and Prenatal Glucocorticoid Administration: Can we learn more? (Supported by NSERC and CIHR.)

Y. Tremblay, Canada

9:25-9:42          Signalling pathways involved in the up-regulation of longevity-related genes by estrogens and phytoestrogens

C. Borras, Spain

9:42-10:00        Ways of correction of a physical condition of the person

A. Sukhanov, Russia

10:40-11:00      Exhibition Area Visit


11:00-13:00    Oral Presentation

Gender, Surgery and Cancer 

Chairpersons:    Z. Blumenfeld, Israel

                        N. Natale, Italy


11:00-11:13      An animal model of uterine auto and allo-transplantation with a successful pregnancy

E.R. Ramirez, USA

11:13-11:26      Long term follow up after eletive testis sparing surgery for Leydig cell tumors: a single center experience

F. M. Fabris, Italy

11:26-11:39      Advancements made in reproductive medicine for human uterine transplants

E.R. Ramirez, USA

11:39-11:52      The Impact of Porcine Small Intestinal Submucosa (SIS) on Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

S. Mark, USA

11:52-12:05      Focal Adhesion Kinase and breast cancer cells movement: possibile role of estrogen on cancer cell movement through cytoskeleton activation

C. Baldacci, Italy

12:05-12:18      Breast cancer cell migration and invasion: differential effect of raloxifene versus estrogen

M. Flamini, Italy

12:18-12:32      Regulation of  ERM protein-dependent cytoskeletal remodelling, cell migration and invasion by estetrol (E4) in human breast cancer cells

M.S. Giretti, Italy

12:32-12:46      Progesterone and Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Induce T47D Breast Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion via Differential Signal Transduction Pathway

X. Fu, Italy

12:46-13:00      Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasm – Case Report of Developing Choriocarcinoma Post Legal Abortion

B.S. Nikolic, Serbia
13:00–14:00      Lunch & Poster Session


14:00-16:00     Distress And Gender Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Sponsored by Asclepion - Sintagmi


Chairpersons:    P. Conti, Italy

P. Cecchi, Italy


Sociological perspective on health: a gender lens

S. Gherardi, Italy

Gender and Stress system: two Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunological points of view

G. Genovesi, Italy

M. Risi, Italy
Scientific coordination by Dr Laura Renzaglia (Asclepion) and
Dr Paola Conti (Sintagmi)
Project Development by Dr Roberto Vitelli (Asclepion)


16:00-16:20      Exhibition Area Visit


17:00-19:00    Oral Presentation

                        Brain as Specific Gender Organ

Chairpersons:    D.F. Swaab, Netherlands

                        N. Pluchino, Italy

17:00-17:20      Gender-influence on brain-derived neurotrophic factor plasma levels

                        S. Begliuomini, Italy


                        K. Gehrig-Burger, Germany

17:40-18:00      Effect of estradiol on actin cytoskeleton in neural cells via WAVE-1

                        A.M. Sanchez, Italy

18:00-18:20      Dydrogesterone increase allopregnanolone in selected brain areas and in serum of female rats

E. Lenzi, Italy

18:20-18:40      Nasally applied testosterone modulates the processing of faces in a gender and emotion specific manner

G. van Wingen, Netherlands

18:40-19:00      Gender differences in pharmacokinetics of moclobemide

                        H. Lamparczyk, Poland


Sunday, March 11, 2007


08:30–10:30     Elderly woman and health


Chairpersons:    S. Lello, Italy

R.E. Nappi, Italy

C. Donati Sarti, Italy


Longevity: different aspects for woman

D. Gullo, Italy

Cardiovascular disease in elderly woman

S. Maffei, Italy

Nutrition and body composition in elderly: difference between woman and man

A. Andreoli, Italy

Healthcare and perimenopause in a  multietnic population

A. Becorpi, Italy


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