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The 1st World Congress on Gender - Specific Medicine

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Friday, March 09, 2007


08:30–10:30            Gender and Neuroactive Steroids          

                                Sponsored by the Società Italiana di Farmacologia (SIF)


Chairpersons:            G. Biggio, Italy

                                V. Patchev, Germany   


                                Neuroactive steroids and perpheral nerves

        R. Melcangi, Italy       
                                Gender difference in the sensitivity to acute stress and ethanol
                                in social isolated rats
                                M. Serra, Italy
                                Growth factor regulation by estrogen in the aging and injured
                                forebrain: BDNF as a case study
                                F. Sohrabji, USA             

                                We describe...and they transcribe

        V. Patchev, O. Almeida, Germany


10:30-10:50              Exhibition Area Visit

10:50-11:20           Plenary Lecture


Chairpersons:          A. Salvetti, Italy

      Z. Shoham, Israel

      Gender-specific issues in internal medicine

      G. Remuzzi, Italy

11:30-13:30           Gender aging: The endocrine impact
Chairpersons:           J. Schenker, Israel
                               A. Maggi, Italy 
                               Immune-brain interactions in the ageing brain
       F. Naftolin, USA
       Gender influence on vascular ageing
       A. Salvetti, Italy
       Estrogen, ageing and longevity
       J. Vina, Spain
       Inflamm-aging, gender and longevity
       M. Capri, Italy


13:30–14:30            Lunch & Poster Session


14:30-16:30           The bone and muscolar masses

Chairpersons:          TBA, Italy

      A.M. Isidori, Italy


                              The musculo-skeletal system in the aging male

      S. Adami, Italy

                              The musculo-skeletal system in the aging woman

      M. Gambacciani, Italy

                              The connective tissue and joints in the aging woman

      M. Brincat, Malta

                              Non-estrogenic treatments for osteoporosis in the aging male and

      J.Y. Reginster, Belgium

                              Structural and functional alteration associated with sarcopenia in
                              older men and women

      M. Narici, UK


16:30-16:50           Exhibition Area Visit

16:50–17:20         Plenary Lecture
Chairpersons:         J.Y. Reginster, Belgium
                             M. Gambacciani, Italy
                             Hormone replacement therapy and the musculo-skeletal system
                             in postmenopausal women
                             C. Christiansen, Denmark     


17:30–19:30          Urogenital aging

Chairpersons:         B. Lunenfeld, Israel

     M. Brincat, Malta


                              Menopause and urogenital ageing

      J. Studd, UK

                              Urinary incontinence in women

      L. Cardozo, UK

                              Andropause and ageing of the urogenital system in the male

      A. Salonia, Italy

                              Erectile dysfunction

      A.L. Burnett, USA

                              Androgen deficiency in aging males and females

      A.M. Isidori, Italy


Saturday, March 10, 2007


8:30-10:00           Low Urinary Tract Infections as a Gender Disease
                            Sponsored by Angelini
Chairpersons:         A.R. Genazzani, Italy

     R. Bernabei, Italy


     Recurrent UTI

     L. Cardozo, UK

     Female urinary tract infections and vaginal microbiota

     P.M. Furneri, Italy

     Low urinary tract infections: clinical issues and treatment

     M. Porena, Italy

     A. Graziottin, Italy


10:10-10:40         Plenary Lecture
Chairpersons:        Z. Dolev, Israel
    C. Maggioni, Italy
                            Gender Differences in Depression
                            J. Studd, UK


10:40-11:00           Exhibition Area Visit

11:00 - 13:00       Gender Endocrinology: New Insights

    Sponsored by the Associazione Italiana di Ginecologia
    Endocrinologica (ISGE Italia)


Chairperson:         C. Nappi, Italy

    T. Simoncini, Italy


   Sex steroids and neural survival

   P. Mannella, Italy

   N. Pluchino, Italy

   Skin aging: the role of menopause and steroid hormones

   S. Lello, Italy
   C. Di Carlo, Italy
   Ovary and Aging       

   M. Palumbo, Italy

   Maternal cardiac function in pregnancy and fetal growth: a key for
   future therapy?

   H. Valensise, Italy


13:00–14:00           Lunch & Poster Session


14:00–16:00         Women’s health issues in bleeding disorders        

     Sponsored by the Federazione Delle Societa’ Medico-Scientifiche
     Italiane (FISM)
Chairpersons:          N. Natale, Italy
      C. Caporale, Italy
      Prevalence of menorrhagia in the general population: diagnostic
                              and therapeutic issues

      L. Calò, Italy

                                                      Menorrhagia in women with congenital disorders of hemostasis

      G. Castaman, Italy

                              Prenatal diagnosis and preimplantation diagnosis in women with
                              bleeding disorders

      F. Peyvandi, Italy

                                                      Reproductive assistance in couples with discordant HIV infection

      E. Semprini, Italy

16:00-16:20           Exhibition Area Visit
16:20–16:50         Plenary Lecture

Chairpersons:        C. Simon, Spain

                            T. Simoncini, Italy
                            Prenatal treatment with dexamethasone for congenital adrenal
                            hyperplasia: effect on genitalia
                            M.I. New, USA     


17:00–19:00        Satellite Symposium

                The management of transexual patients

    Sponsored by the Società Italiana di Andrologia (SIA)


Chairpersons:        V. Gentile, Italy

    D. Fontana, Italy


                            Pre-operative psychological counselling for patients facing sex
                            reassignment surgery
                            A. Godano, Italy
                            Male – to – female transexualism: clinical management

    C. Imbimbo, Italy

                            Extreme solutions in complicated cases

    S. Perovic, Italy

                            Female – to – male transexualism: clinical management

    C. Bettocchi, Italy

                            Post-operative complications of gender reassignment

    C. Trombetta, Italy



Sunday, March 11, 2007

08:30–10:30     Oral Presentation
                        Gender-Related Quality of Life and Sexuality

Chairpersons:    S. Vujovic, Serbia

                        V. Valentino, Italy


8:30-8:54          Factors associated with Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) among osteoporotic men and women - partial study results

O.E. Edelstein, Israel

8:54-9:18          Age at menopause - Variabilty and predictors across Europe

                        J.F. Dratva, Switzerland

9:18-9:42          Gonadotroph Aging: Sex Differences

                        S. Vujovic, Serbia

9:42-10:06        Neuropsychophysiological features of transsexuals

                        V. Valentino, Italy

10:06-10:30      Transsexualism In Serbia: Twenty Years Experience

                        S. Vujovic, Serbia

10:30-11:00      Exhibition Area Visit


11:00-11:30    Body Image and Women’s Sexual Dysfunctions


Chairpersons:    R.E. Nappi, Italy

                        J. Bitzer, Switzerland
Speaker:           C. Maggioni, Italy

11:30-13:30    Oral Presentation

                        Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: The Gender Impact
Chairpersons:    T. Simoncini, Italy
                        X. Fu, Italy

11:30-11:45      Gender-associated differences to oxidative imbalance in vascular smooth muscular cells 

F. Franconi, Italy

11:45-12:00      Sex specific differences in mice with DOCA-salt induced cardiorenal disease: Focus on the bloodpressure independent mechanisms

A. Karatas, Germany

12:00-12:15      The Mosque Campaign: Are special cardiovascular prevention campaigns for minorities necessary in quasi-state-run health systems?

M. Hochleitner, Austria

                        N. Azad, Canada

12:30-12:45      Estrogen-dependent endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) mobilization in healthy women: potentially vasoprotective effects

S. Garibaldi, Italy

12:45-13:00      Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Clinical, Ultrasound and Laboratory Characteristics in Kerman, Iran

B.S. Aali, Iran

13:00-13:15      Should hormone replacement mimic normal chronobiology?

                        M.J. Diver, UK

13:15-13:30      The androgen-replacement therapy among patients with PADAM and metabolic syndrome

A. Pechersky, Russia

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