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The 1st World Congress on Gender - Specific Medicine

Hall A


Friday, March 09, 2007


08:30–10:30     The Gender-Related Impact Of Sex Steroid Receptor Signaling 

Chairpersons:    C. Franceschi, Italy

J.Vina, Spain


                         Immune-brain interactions in ageing neurons
                         A. Maggi, Italy
                         Gender-related actions of sex steroids in vascular cells
                         T. Simoncini, Italy
                         Sex steroids, the immune system and bone metabolism
                         H. Carlsten, Sweden

                         Sex, sex steroids and dry eye syndromes
                         D.A. Sullivan, USA

10:30-10:50       Exhibition Area Visit

10:50-11:20     Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Surgical Menopause: Emerging Role of Testosterone
Sponsored by Procter and Gamble 
Chairpersons:    J.E. Morley, USA
                        R.E. Nappi, Italy

Speaker:           A.R. Genazzani, Italy


11:30-13:30     Gender and vulnerability factors: the Menopause

Chairpersons:    G. Biggio, Italy

V. Henderson, USA
Use of antidepressants for the menopausal syndrome
E. di Nasso, Italy
A.R. Genazzani, Italy
Menopause and cardiovascular risk: the case for intervention
G.M. Rosano, Italy
C. Christiansen, Denmark

13:30–14:30      Lunch & Poster Session


14:30-16:30    Duphaston - The Natural Choice to Protect Pregnancy

                        Sponsored by Solvay

Chairpersons:    F. Al-Azzawi, UK

J. Studd, UK


                        Stress During Pregnancy: Consequences for Mother and Child
                        P. Arck, Germany
                        Modulating Fertility Outcome in ART by the Use of Dydrogesterone
                        A. Patki, India

The Ideal Choice to Protect Pregnancy

S. Daya, Canada


16:30-16:50      Exhibition Area Visit

16:50–17:20    SANOFI PASTEUR MSD Sponsored Lecture        

Chairpersons:    F. Naftolin, USA

A.R. Genazzani, Italy


Cancer prophylactic vaccine for women’s health - Present and future perspectives

R. Danesi, Italy

17:30–19:30    Gender differences in cancer
Chairperson:     Z. Ben Rafael, Israel
                        M. Petrini, Italy

            Hormones, gender and liver cancer

E. Villa, Italy

            Colon cancer as a gender-related disease

F. Al-Azzawi, UK            

            Gender issues in haematological malignancies

M. Petrini, Italy

            Gender and lung cancer

A. Celi, Italy

            Prevention of Premature Menopause and Ovarian Failure and
            Preservation of fertility despite chemotherapy
Z. Blumenfeld, Israel
Gender issues in the differentiation of embryonic stem cells to
C. Simon, Spain

Saturday, March 10, 2007


08:00–10:00         Gender, quality of life and sexuality

Chairpersons:         A.L. Burnett, USA
                             W. Fratta, Italy                             
                             Role of sex chromosome gene complement in sexually
                             dimorphic behavior

     E. Rissman, USA

                             The ageing male: demographics and challenges

     B. Lunenfeld, Israel

                             Ageing and sexuality in men

    J.E. Morley, USA

                            Ageing and sexuality in women

     R.E. Nappi, Italy
    J. Bitzer, Switzerland


10:10-10:40        Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome and Metabolic Syndrome
                            Sponsored by Solvay
Chairpersons:         S. Berga, USA

     D. Swaab, Netherlands


Speaker:                B. Lunenfeld, Israel

10:40-11:00           Exhibition Area Visit
11:00-13:00         Migraine as a gender & age-related disease
Chairpersons:          B Marchetti, Italy
                             G. Kopernik, Israel
                             Neuroplasticity of female brain
                             M. Bentivoglio, Italy

     Influence of estrogens on migraine

     C. Tassorelli, Italy

                 Migraine throughout menopause and beyond

     R.E. Nappi, Italy

                 Specific issues in the treatment of migraine in women

                             H. Massiou, France


13:00–14:00           Lunch & Poster Session


14:00 - 16:00       Gender-related endocrine and metabolic issues

Chairpersons:        M.G. Modena, Italy

    V. Regitz-Zagrosek, Germany


                            Cardiovascular differences related to estrogens and androgens

    G.M. Rosano, Italy

                            The thyroid: a gender-specific gland

    M. Tonacchera, Italy

    Metabolic implications of hyperandrogenism

    S. Berga, USA
    J.C. Stevenson, UK


16:00-16:20          Exhibition Area Visit

16:20-16:50        SCHERING Sponsored Lecture

Chairpersons:       Z. Shoham, Israel

   J. Stevenson, UK

                           Drospirenone: a friendly progestogen for the female body

                           A.R. Genazzani, Italy


17:00–19:00        Gender and cardiovascular disease
Chairpersons:        E. Arbustini, Italy

    G.M. Rosano, Italy


                             CVD in ageing individuals: gender issues

     D. Grobbee, Netherlands

                             CVD in ageing women and HRT

     M. G. Modena, Italy

                             The genetic basis of CVD

     E. Arbustini, Italy                           
                             Therapeutic implications of the gender-specific aspects of
                             cardiovascular disease
                             V. Regitz-Zagrosek, Germany 


Sunday, March 11, 2007


08:30–10:30        The female and male brain


Chairpersons:       L. Cahill, USA

   M. Bentivoglio, Italy


                           Sexual differentiation of the human brain

   D.F. Swaab, A-M. Bao, T. Ishunina, Netherlands 

                           Seladin-1-mediated neuroprotection: a distinct role for estrogen
                           and androgens

   M. Serio, Italy

                           Sexual dimorphism and diergism of the mammalian central
                           nitric oxide producing systems

   G. Panzica, Italy

                           Gender-specific actions of neurosteroids

   A. Concas, Italy

                           Neuroendocrinology and neuroprotection

   B. Marchetti, Italy


10:30-11:00         Exhibition Area Visit
11:00-11:30       Plenary Lecture
Chairpersons:     M. Serio, Italy
                          U. Halbreich, USA

  Sex differences in brain and memory

  L. Cahill, USA


11:30 - 13:30     Sex influences on the brain - clinical issues

Chairpersons:     H. Massiou, France

 A. Concas, Italy


                         Sex steroids and the brain: is there a gender difference?
                         A.R. Genazzani, Italy

                         Addictive behaviour as a gender-specific disease

 W. Fratta, Italy

                         The impact of hormones and gender on mood disorders

 U. Halbreich, USA

                         Gender, hormones and Alzheimer's disease

 V. Henderson, USA

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