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The 1st World Congress on Gender - Specific Medicine

Scientific Committee

Aguglia E., Italy

Al-Azzawi F., UK

Ambrosini A., Italy

Becorpi A.M., Italy

Ben-Rafael Z., Israel
Ben-Zvi N. Israel 

Berga S., USA

Bettocchi C., Italy

Biggio G., Italy

Brenner S., Israel

Brincat M., Malta

Burnett A.L., USA

Cahill L., USA

Cardozo L., UK

Christiansen C., Denmark

Day A., Canada

Dor J., Israel

Genazzani A.R., Italy

Halbreich U., USA

Henderson V., USA

Kopernik G., Israel

Lagro-Janssen T., The Netherlands

Lobo R., USA

Mannucci M., Italy

Martino E., Italy

Melis G.B., Italy

Modena M.G., Italy

Morley J.E., USA

Naftolin F., USA

Protti A., Italy

Reginster J.Y., Belgium

Saggese G., Italy

Schenker J., Israel

Serio M., Italy

Shoham Z., Israel

Spinelli P., Italy

Stevenson J.C., UK

Studd J., UK

Swaab D., The Netherland

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